Aspen is more than a product.  It is an AI platform that provides a list of services which are necessary for any enterprise class solution needing a secure, extensible and scalable architecture.  What makes Aspen unique is the Learning Module it comes bundled with and the true multi-model database that allows for the storage of relational, document and graph data.  The RESTful endpoint accessible via an open API can be used for the typical request/response use-cases to query the platform and also to persist contextual data.  The embedded MQTT Broker is available via the event based API.  Client applications can use this route to stream events and high density real-time data, for decision making as well as training exercises.

Highlights of the platform:

  • Open interface that facilitates rapid extensibility by internal and third-party teams
  • Native services such as security, file, database, learning, data quality, replication, etc., allow developers to focus on business solutions for a shortened time-to-market cycle
  • Decoupled architecture allows distributed processing
  • Cluster aware components offer load balancing and availability
  • Use of open-source components makes the platform very cost effective and robust
  • Toolbox approach allows for mixing and matching capabilities

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